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The regular visa processing time is 4 working days(not including the day of receiving application documents ). Express service takes 1-3 working days.

1.Please note the Embassy can't provide same day service. The applications must be submitted during the opening hours of the Consular Office of Chinese Embassy.

2.In case of a withdrawal of visa application, there will be no refund for either visa fee or express fee. All payments need to be made only by US dollars cash.

3. To collect a visa, please bring the pick-up form issued by the Chinese consular officer and come according to the collection time specified on it.

4. In case the pick-up form is lost, owner of the passport is required to come to the Consular Office in person with his/her IC and one copy of it, and make a statement about the loss. The passport will be returned once the owner's identity is confirmed. If someone else except the owner gets back the passport with the pick-up form, the Chinese Embassy will bear no responsibility at all.

Individual Visa Application

Single entry: 30 US$

Double entry: 45 US$

Multiple entry for or less than 6 months: 60 US$

Multiple entry for 12 months and above: 90 US$

Extra express fee(to collect a visa on the second working day): 30 US$

Express fee(to collect a visa on the third or fourth working day):20 US$

Fee for Hong Kong entry visa: 30 US$

Group Visa Application: Single-Entry (24 US$/per person)

Express fee (collection time: on the next working day of the consular office from the application day): 10 US$/per person

On reciprocity, as of Jan.20th, visa fees for American citizens are changed as follows:

Individual visa (single, double or multiple-entry):  130 US$/per person

Group visa : 110 US$/per person

Express service fees:20 US$/per person

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